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Our company has enriched its machinery of machine enables cutting diagonally trimmings material 45 degrees. In our workshop we cut in such a manner different fabrics, polyester, fabric and other materials.

Guarantee flexibility of the final product is a specially miter cut. Entrusted with the work we do on the basis of advanced machinery and the expertise and years of experience of our employees. In this way we can provide our customers with equal trimmings, made in accordance with the order. Implement comprehensive service and fast, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Deciding to cut trimmings through us provide you a perfect fit material to finished product.

We provide cutting materials:

  • 45 ° diagonal

  • In front of

  • Laterally and along the line of the thread

As you scroll (paper, film, reflective film, etc.)

We cut, among other things:

  • Satin, satin, lining, organza

  • fleece

  • knitting

  • and many others