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Bamboo is a very interesting plant also extracted from the fiber has unique characteristics. It is very pleasant to the touch as well as and bamboo. It is hypoallergenic because its production uses no chemicals or pesticides that can irritate the skin and allergic act. It is non-allergenic, because it has a substance produced by the bamboo. Recommended for use by allergy sufferers and atopików allergies to dust mites, who at the same time, in addition to the function of a barrier to allergens from house dust mite and anti-bacterial functions expect additional benefits it offers natural bamboo.

Why bamboo?
- Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties;
- Bamboo fiber is 100% natural and normally grown without use of pesticides and toxic substances;
- Bamboo naturally "pushes" dust and dirt
- Bamboo fabrics are cheaper than cotton
- Bamboo gentleness, softness and properties perspiracyjnymi, matched cotton
- Bamboo has natural thermoregulation properties (in the summer, the surface of bamboo keeps lower by 3 degrees. C temperature in relation to ambient temp. - Bamboo is "eco"


1. Pillows Bamboo Line

Size: 40x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x80cm

Coverage: Bamboo fabric

Fillings: Granules silicone, silicone fiber, Hollow Lumen


2. Bamboo quilts line

Size: 160x200cm, 200x220cm

Coverage: Bamboo fabric

Filling: Granules silicone, silicone fiber, Hollow Lumen